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SXSW – 2014

I can sum up this week in one word: SoMuchFun! With that said, please see below:




Cette soirée est trop forte

This party kicks ass.

We went to The Social Hip Hop Karaoke on Thursday.  Talk about a good time.  I performed “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz as the second-to-last act.  I had that entire place turned UP. So, the owner had us do an encore performance to “Got One.”  Here’s the footage:

London 26-27 015 London 26-27 016 London 26-27 017 London 26-27 019 London 26-27 020 London 26-27 022 London 26-27 026 London 26-27 027 London 26-27 028 London 26-27 029 London 26-27 031 London 26-27 033

After the karaoke, the venue turned into a club.  All they played was American hip hop music.  It was a blast!! “We did it for the ratchets.”  We partied and shut that place down!  After it was all over, we found out that the tube closed at midnight.  We didn’t want to walk, so DG, CW, and I got a pedi-cab and he biked us all the way to the dorm.