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I attended the 56th Annual Grammy Awards! Crazy, right? it was such an amazing weekend. Due to inclement weather in Houston, we were “iced in” and our flight was delayed 4 times. Eventually, we made it to LA at 11PM. We checked into the hotel and went to bed. So we went to the 3rd Annual Grammy Awards Weekend, Meet & Greet at the BET Network’s Corporate Office. The Honorable Joseph Ford, Esq. will provide an intellectually stimulating “State of the Television Industry” Presentation. It was so fascinating being able to network with familiar faces from the BESLA conference as well as new attorneys in the entertainment industry.

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Afterwards, we went to stuff our faces at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles on Gower and Sunset. Smothered chicken, waffles, macaroni and cheese, greens, and a glass of wine (because I’m fancy). LOL! It was so delicious. We then went to the hotel to change and went to Venice Beach. We were there for about five minutes when we were approached by this camera crew. Apparently, we ended up on a UK-based show called “Dynamo the Magician.” It was pretty cool. I am going to be famous. HAHA. We continued to walk around and observe the weirdos. We went to a local bar and grabbed some food. We went back to the hotel after a while, got dressed, and went to a club. It was fun. We saw Lil Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri… They were boring… typical club appearance.

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The next day was my big day: The Grammy’s! I needed a few more accessories. I took a trek to Hollywood Blvd by the Chinese Theatre and went into Forever XXI, Zara, and a few other stores to find some cute silver sandals to match my ensemble. I was accosted by the men in the costumes. I remember buying a sandwich for later and tried to give it to a homeless man who was digging in the trash. He would not take it and I got really sad… I felt a bit rejected and baffled. Anywho, I went back to the hotel, did my makeup and my classmate did my hair. As we were driving to the Staples Center, it started to rain. I was nervous because I wanted my pretty little curls to stay up. We waited in line for hours, took a bathroom break, went inside and ended up in the Mastercard VIP area where I took my picture and got a free drink LOL. (GO MASTERCARD). Then, I heard the intro to “Drunk in Love” and it was time. I didn’t get to see the performance because I didn’t make it in my seat in time. However, by the time I sat in my seat, I realized that Jay Z and Beyonce were less than a feet away from me. Jay Z stood there (shorter in height than yours truly) with a goblet of D’Usse in hand. Beyonce stood there clad in a white lace dress, looking as angelic as ever. They moved to their seat, I remained in mine. Next thing I know, Juicy J and Katy Perry pass by me. I started geeking out. Everything just started to happen so fast… Pink flew over my head… her performance was mind blowing. The middle was a blur because I ended up in the 7th row. I saw the freaking Beatles perform!!! Like… I saw the entire event and felt the fire and the  from the drums… and the wedding for the LGBT couples happened within inches from my face. I freaking loved the entire experience!!!!!!!!!!!!


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