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I attended the 56th Annual Grammy Awards! Crazy, right? it was such an amazing weekend. Due to inclement weather in Houston, we were “iced in” and our flight was delayed 4 times. Eventually, we made it to LA at 11PM. We checked into the hotel and went to bed. So we went to the 3rd Annual Grammy Awards Weekend, Meet & Greet at the BET Network’s Corporate Office. The Honorable Joseph Ford, Esq. will provide an intellectually stimulating “State of the Television Industry” Presentation. It was so fascinating being able to network with familiar faces from the BESLA conference as well as new attorneys in the entertainment industry.

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Afterwards, we went to stuff our faces at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles on Gower and Sunset. Smothered chicken, waffles, macaroni and cheese, greens, and a glass of wine (because I’m fancy). LOL! It was so delicious. We then went to the hotel to change and went to Venice Beach. We were there for about five minutes when we were approached by this camera crew. Apparently, we ended up on a UK-based show called “Dynamo the Magician.” It was pretty cool. I am going to be famous. HAHA. We continued to walk around and observe the weirdos. We went to a local bar and grabbed some food. We went back to the hotel after a while, got dressed, and went to a club. It was fun. We saw Lil Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri… They were boring… typical club appearance.

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The next day was my big day: The Grammy’s! I needed a few more accessories. I took a trek to Hollywood Blvd by the Chinese Theatre and went into Forever XXI, Zara, and a few other stores to find some cute silver sandals to match my ensemble. I was accosted by the men in the costumes. I remember buying a sandwich for later and tried to give it to a homeless man who was digging in the trash. He would not take it and I got really sad… I felt a bit rejected and baffled. Anywho, I went back to the hotel, did my makeup and my classmate did my hair. As we were driving to the Staples Center, it started to rain. I was nervous because I wanted my pretty little curls to stay up. We waited in line for hours, took a bathroom break, went inside and ended up in the Mastercard VIP area where I took my picture and got a free drink LOL. (GO MASTERCARD). Then, I heard the intro to “Drunk in Love” and it was time. I didn’t get to see the performance because I didn’t make it in my seat in time. However, by the time I sat in my seat, I realized that Jay Z and Beyonce were less than a feet away from me. Jay Z stood there (shorter in height than yours truly) with a goblet of D’Usse in hand. Beyonce stood there clad in a white lace dress, looking as angelic as ever. They moved to their seat, I remained in mine. Next thing I know, Juicy J and Katy Perry pass by me. I started geeking out. Everything just started to happen so fast… Pink flew over my head… her performance was mind blowing. The middle was a blur because I ended up in the 7th row. I saw the freaking Beatles perform!!! Like… I saw the entire event and felt the fire and the  from the drums… and the wedding for the LGBT couples happened within inches from my face. I freaking loved the entire experience!!!!!!!!!!!!


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C’est dans le besoin qu’on reconnaît ses vrais amis.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


I woke up super late.  Cooking breakfast took like 3 hours because the stove takes forever to heat up. After a while, I resorted to cooking bacon and eggs in the microwave and toast in the oven.  Thereafter, I woke everyone up and offered my breakfast.


Me, JA, and CA went to the store to get a SIM card in order to unlock our phones.  I have an addiction to Instagram and without being able to post my pictures and gather likes and comments from my friends does a disservice to my ego (lol). So, I got an unlimited data plan with 150 minutes for £10.  Since CA hadn’t eaten, we stopped by a coffee shop called Zee Cafe.  He purchased some pasta, and JA and I purchased lattes.  They poo poo’d on Starbucks — IT WAS DELICIOUS.


We went back to the dorm room and saw AW.  She wanted to go to some Australian restaurant and meet up with some woman she met earlier in the week.  She invited me and some of our other classmates. I informed her that I’ll happily go, however, I must change my pants.  So, she said fine.  I went upstairs and changed.  I also configured my phone because Sprint required a back up/restore in order to complete the unlocking of the phone.  When I went out of the room, I heard AW whispering, “I don’t know if she wants to go.”  I open the door and said, “yes, I do want to go. I told you that downstairs.”  She looked really guilty.  I walked out of the door to get my things and when I returned, they left.  I headed down to the common area to search for them and there were no signs that they’d ever stopped there.  My feelings were hurt.  I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, but that’d only be the optimistic side of me talking. I felt so disrespected. If they didn’t want me to come, they shouldn’t have invited me.  I felt hurt and alone and the one person I wanted to talk to definitely wouldn’t feel my pain.  I’m nothing but a “sensitive nerd” to him.  After our discussion the day before, he believes it’s weak to show emotion.  So, it seems hard for him to understand some of the things I go through. We never see eye to eye in that respect.  I reached out to my friends back home, who all offered wonderful advice. I mean, they all said I need to suck it up, but they also provided alternatives like taking advantage of meeting new people on the Travel Tribe as well as linking up with my friends here.  They told a few jokes and refrained from chastising, judging, and scolding me.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I went back down to the common area from my room and talked to a few others.  They were wondering were JA, CA, and AW were because they were invited to the restaurant as well. I told them that they left.  They all shrugged it off.  I told them I was going to go to a restaurant.  CW wanted to join me.


We went to a pub called The Court. I ordered calamari and a Steak and Bombardier Ale Pie, which was served with mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks, and peas coupled with a Strongbow cider.  The pie and potatoes were a delight, but the rest of the food was under-seasoned.  While we were there, the boys from my school walked in and joined us.  We had a great conversation and they invited us to celebrate JO’s birthday.  He wanted to go to celebrate Gay Pride Weekend in Soho after dinner.  Afterwards, we headed back to the dorm to change and pre-game.  Oh, and one of my classmates, VN, is like super shy.  So, I gave the guys an entertaining show by flirting with him and making him blush. It was so funny. The guys got a kick out of the Eddie Winslow and Myrtle Urkel relationship.

London Gay Pride.

We took the tube to Soho Square and it looked like a mini Mardi Gras.  We tried to get into a club, but the bouncer turned us away.  He kept trying to tell JO it was a gay bar, in an effect to dissuade him.  What he didn’t know is that JO is gay!! SMH.  Then the bouncer said that the club doesn’t allow groups in.  We were like wtf. I got super mad and requested that we go to another place. So we walked around and saw all kind of interesting people in that area.  We found a local bar and we just turned up inside and outside of it.  We had a good time.  The bouncer was really friendly. He told me that one of his daughters is a solicitor and the other got a full ride soccer scholarship to a school in Texas.  I gave him my e-mail address and asked him to tell me the school she’s going to because if it’s far, I can look out for her.  He was so appreciative and let me go in and out of the bar as I pleased (because once the venue hit capacity, him and the other bouncer cut the public off from entering).  We continued to walk about the city and found these outside urinals.  It was hilarious.  CW and I kept taking pictures of the boys peeing. LMAO.  We left that mini-attraction and then tried to find a club.  No one wanted to pay a fee to get in, so me and CW tried to convince this bouncer to let us in for free.  He was notttttttt having it.  We tried everything short of anything illegal in the US, lol.  We were losing. After all of that negotiating, I started to get hungry!

Fourth meal.

Apparently, Chinatown holds all of the 24 hour eateries.  We went into this one place and the food was magically delicious!!!!! I had the house chow mien and crab sweet corn soup. OMG…. yumtastic!!! The itis started to kick in and my bed was calling me.  We had a difficult time trying to get home.  I started to ask strangers and they kept pointing us in one direction, but since everyone was drunk, they kept trying to follow the hot chicks in the other direction.  We ended up in Piccadilly Circus, which was a madhouse because that’s where all of the club goers are!  We eventually took the 88 bus to the dorm. I got in my bed and crashed.  See photos below:

image image_1 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_9 image_10 image_13 image_14


C’est facile de dormir quand vous êtes morts.

It’s easy to sleep when you’re dead.


I was so tired.  I couldn’t think right. I couldn’t pay attention in class. I couldn’t focus.  I was just dead tired.  In ICL, all of TheOtherSchool students appeared to be gunners, relieving me of any duty to participate, despite my anxious desire to do so.  I ate to stay awake.  When all of the food (a sandwich, fresh coconut and pineapple, and chips) was gone, I couldn’t help but feel sleepy.  ICL was over and Comparative Constitutional Law started.  We had a fake pop quiz. The professor asked us to name the five liberties in the first amendment. Subsequently, he asked us to list the five characters of the Simpson’s family.  Of course the television show had the highest results opposed to the Constitutional question.  He lectured and gave us a break.  I was knocked out during that break. JA woke me up. I remember dozing off again until she poke me.  The class was supposed to end at 12:20 PM, but the professor talked until approximately 12:45 PM. I was about to go crazy.  After we were released, we went to the Pharmacy because I felt like I was catching a cold, despite the fact that I’ve been drinking Emergen C since my arrival.  I purchased cold medicine and vitamin c.  I took both and went to SLEEP.  I was knocked out until JA woke me up for dinner.

Mike and Ike.

Before dinner, w stopped in the common area to use the wifi. We greeted the other students who were in there.  They asked us if we read for class and we said no.  I reciprocated the question and they said hell no. They did not participate in the program to do work, but to have a good time. In fact, they were headed to a reggae concert.  When I asked them who was performing, he told me Jimmy Cliff.  I never heard of the name before, but it piqued JA’s interest. One of the guys gave me the information to the concert and then they left.

Pubs and Candy Crush.


We went to a pub around the way.  We saw that our favorite “lost” poster was gone.   I was craving meat, so I ordered a half rack of ribs with shrimp, chips, and coleslaw (eww) with a hot tea.  When JA went to the bar to order her food, a gentleman next to me saw me playing Candy Crush.  He asked me if that was what I was playing.  I was shocked to know that he knew about the game.  He said he doesn’t play but his wife does. He asked me what level I was on. I told him 161.  He said, “WOW. My wife is only on level 26, but she isn’t that very bright.”  We chuckled a little bit.  He asked me to explain the game.  He wanted to know how the company was making so much money.  I entertained his enquiries until his dinner guest arrived and JA returned.  A few moments later, the food came.  The food, minus the coleslaw, was delicious.  We even received a frequent dining card so that we could get 15% on our orders.  YAY!

Signal di Plane.

21343_212814025534315_79802660_nDay 2 - Europe 015Day 2 - Europe 011 Day 2 - Europe 014 Day 2 - Europe 017

We arrived at the dorm and went upstairs to freshen up.  We tried to purchase the Jimmy Cliff tickets, but we were unsuccessful.  We decided to just take our chances and see if there were any tickets at the box office.    When we arrived at the tube station, we saw the guys from earlier.  We formally introduced ourselves again: Mike and Mark.  I knew I’d remember their names if I called them Mike and Ike, lol. We engaged in conversation until we needed to board the tube. It was SUPER packed and unfortunately, we got split from them. Thankfully, we can navigate around this city without any assistance.  We arrived at our stop and made our way to the venue. As we approached the box office, this scalper told us he’d sell the tickets to us for £30.  We declined because he looked super sketchy.  As I was walking away, I noticed he was negotiating with JA.  Eventually, he offered to sell the tickets to us for £20 each.  We ran to the ATM and got out cash and ran back to pay the man.  We entered the venue with no problems.  The concert was amazing. I recognized several songs.  This was the first time that I’ve actually paid attention to the lyrics at any concert.  This man is so well-informed and passionate about social issues. I was moved.  The crowd was also moved.  The encore was great!

Cashino: Ching-Ching.


When we left the concert, we passed by this building that said, “Cashino.”  We went in and I got change for my £10 note.  After winning and losing, I gave up a life of gambling after I permanently lost £2. We left and headed back to the tube where we find Mr. Austria.  I don’t know his name, but he was some hipster that sat next to me.  I initiated conversation with him and he said he was from Austria.  He looked at me strangely and said, “It’s okay, I’m strange too.”  I would have been offended, but it was funny.  He said he was only in town for two days because he was in search of a saxophone.  Strange!!!  He asked me what part of America I was from and proceeded to guess California.  I told him that I live in Texas. He said, “Eww.. That’s even worse!”  ha.ha.ha.  It was our stop.  We went our separate ways.

Well, it’s about 4:05AM and the sun is out. I’m going to try to get a few hours of rest before class.  Night!!


Voyager ouvre l’esprit.

 ImageTravel broadens the mind.

Houston:  We have a problem.

On Saturday, my flight to London was scheduled to leave at 6:25 PM.  Unfortunately, I was informed that I would have to board Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.  According to USAToday, at least four flights in the last two weeks had problems that prevented the innovative new planes from reaching their destinations.  My flight was no exception.  They left us in the plane with an ill-behaved child and a chatty bunch who were headed to play at Wimbeldon (cool, right?).  After three hours passed, we were released from the plane.  We immediately headed to get a glass of wine and food.  Subsequently, we eventually left Houston at around 10:oo PM.  I consumed my time with sudoku puzzles and movies, particularly Gangster Squad and Pretty Woman.  It was my first time seeing the latter, and I loved it. I cried like a baby at the end! The nine hour flight was very smooth and we made it to my destination safely.

Travel light, they said.

After I received clearance by the UK Customs, JA and I headed towards the “London Underground” or “tube,” which is the public metro system.  We remained on the tube for about an hour.   It was very easy to navigate.  When we had to exit one tube to get on another, we experienced some difficulty:  STAIRS.   I carried one large bag, one small bag, a laptop bag, and a big purse.  I stacked the smaller bags atop of the luggage and proceeded to double fist the luggage up the stairs.  Fail.  On the bright side, several strangers assisted JA and I with our heavy luggage.  We saw a lift (an elevator), but the kind stranger opted to carry them up the stairs for us.  The second tube ride was fairly quick.  When we exited, we headed directly to our dorms at the Uni (or university/school).


DSC00495 Day 2 - Europe 001

Day 2 - Europe 002

When we arrived, we were faced with several familiar faces from my school.  We all checked in and were allowed to select our own suite-mates. After I received my keys, I headed straight to my room.  Our suite has five individual rooms, two bathrooms, and one kitchen.  Each room consists of a small sink, a twin-sized bed, a tiny closet and dresser, and a desk.  I immediately disinfected my room with Clorox Bleach Wipes and sprayed everything down with Lysol.  Thereafter, I unpacked my suitcases and hung my clothes, added my bedbug mattress protector to my bed, took a shower, and connected to the internet.  I left everyone know that I’ve arrived safely as I waited on JA to finish settling in.

Tengo hambre dennamug.

We were starving!  We asked the locals in the front office about nearby dining spots.  Apparently, we were located on a street that served Indian food.  We went to a restaurant called A Taste of India — only because the Sunday buffet was 6.95 £ and they advertised free wifi.  The buffet had a variety of chicken curry dishes coupled with rice, chickpeas, and my favorite:  Chicken wings!  We paired our food with a glass of Rose and sparkling lemonade.  Super refreshing!  Unfortunately, the wifi did not work.  The waiter was very kind and he even gave us a coupon that offered a 20% discount on our next visit.

The loo.

We saw a sign next to our table that said, “WC – please go downstairs to use the restrooms.”  We asked him what it stood for.  I believe that he misunderstood our question because he explained that the sign was there to direct patrons to the bottom floor.  The restaurant recently remodeled and in an effort to reduce confusion, they posted the sign.  While we understood his explanation, JA and I were still befuddled by the signage.  Yahoo! Answers gave a descriptive explanation, which says, “It’s an English expression being an abbreviation for ‘Water Closet’ as it was once considered rude to use the terms ‘toilet’ or ‘lavatory’ in public. ‘Water closet’ was considered to be an expression that better off people would use and not deemed offensive. Nowadays many people call the toilet ‘the loo’ and awful word that crept into English in the 1960’s.”  Interesting, indeed!


After dinner, we retired to the dorm and took a nap.  JA remained there for the rest of the night.  I, on the other hand, went downstairs because I was in dire need of wifi so I partake in my favorite lazy pasttime:  viewing pictures on Instagram.  I introduced myself to the overnight security guard.  I believe he may be from Nigeria (woop woop! *waves green and white flag*).  He directed me to the common area.  I met the other law students who were from the hosting law school, Southern University.  Apparently, two of the guys were on our flight and the airline lost their luggage.  They were visibly and rightfully upset because they could not find a store that was open after 6:00 PM so they could purchase new clothing.  I engaged in conversation for a little bit.  I was very parched and did not have any change on me to purchase a water from the vending machine.  As I was headed out of the dorm facilities, the two guys stopped me and offered to walk with me to the store.  In the distance, I heard a girl say, “Has she NOT seen ‘Taken’?”  Girl, bye.


The guys took me to a store that was about a block from our dorm facilities.  I purchased the largest Evian bottle coupled with my favorite childhood drink, Ribena (a blackcurrant non-carbonated beverage).  When I enquired about the liquor laws, the store clerk said that they cannot sell liquor after 11:00 PM; however, they make exceptions for people that are cool.  I immediately informed him that I am cool and requested 70 CL (centiliter, which is equivalent to 750 ML — I THINK) of vodka.  He sold it to me for 19.99 £ ($31.27).  Clearly, it was overpriced, but I have the peace of mind of knowing that I will have a roofie-free drink.  UOENO.

Late Nights, Early Mornings.

As I am writing this blog, I am also completing an online defensive driving course.  Shout out to ComedyDriving.com!  I plan on doing half tonight and the remainder tomorrow night.  I plan on taking pictures and posting them here so I do not overcrowd my social media feeds.  It is 2:22 AM. I am going to make a wish and bid you all adieu. Good night, lovers.