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Quitate la Ropa!

After the stresses of midterms, I went to the Dominican Republic on October 16th until the 20th.  I was incredibly excited not only to see the island and its inhabitants, but to partake in the Conference with my classmates.  One of my classmates won two scholarships.  That was amazing because that afforded us an opportunity to spread some shine on our school and got us on the radar for the entertainment and sports lawyers of the future.  Everyone was so willing to share their guidance…which is hard not only in my field, but in the black community.  I did a lot of networking, met a lot of great people, and engaged in activities that I told myself I’d never do (e.g., zip lining).  The food was great!! I ate everything… I didn’t like the mofongo though.  Oh, and the local spirits — the mamajuana… delicious! I brought some home with me.  The Paradisus Resort was a great All-Inclusive resort that allowed me to eat and drink everything.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and rocked out to DJ D-Nice on the 1s and 2s. We also went to a club called Jewell… Pretty dope! Over all, I just had a great time.  I was able to put my Spanish to work. I bargained my way down because of my 2nd language.  Go me!! I can’t wait for Cabo… OH and this trip was definitely motivation to get in shape… I got on the baggage scale at the airport and I weighed a whopping 183 lbs on Sunday… I’m down to 175.6 lbs now (Thursday)… but yeah, it is so necessary to lose these 35.6 lbs by January… yikes… my face looks like a puffer fish.. not. cute.  Anywho, here are the pictures:

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