Ik haat inpakken

I hate packing!

The 25 Best Travel Memes (22)

London to Amsterdam 

Since I finished my paper for class Thursday night, I decided to treat myself to some shopping in Soho and Leicester Square. There were so many cute outfits on sale!!! I fell in love with fashion all over again. Typically, I hate shopping because… Well, I’m shaped abnormally!!! These legs and bum turn every casual outfit into a provocative set of threads. This shopping experience was very pleasurable. When I arrived at the dorm, I did my laundry and procrastinated to the last minute to pack for my weekend. I completed the daunting task of packing with five minutes to spare. DG, CW, and I left the dorm and took the tube to the coach station. At first we were nervous because we were the only people at the waiting area. The police got involved and we just arrived early. (They were on CP time, lol). We boarded the bus and departed to Brighton, London, where we picked up more people and left some people behind to take a bus to Paris. When everyone got settled in, we left to Amsterdam. I fell asleep and woke up when we arrived at the Eurotunnel. The Eurotunnel is a transportation in which the coach (bus) rides onto the train and the train takes is from the London border under the sea until Calais, France. With permission, I left the coach and onto the train to stretch. The experience really wasn’t much of a site, but it was cool knowing the mode of transportation from England to the rest of Europe. After the excitement left me, I returned to the coach ad went to sleep.
We arrived in Amsterdam at 7AM on Saturday morning. We took a stop and stretched. I brushed my teeth on the sidewalk (toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash on deck!). I also changed into my shorts and tee because the meteorologist predicted clear and sunny skies. The entire city was asleep, leaving the tourist with an empty, trash filled city. Apparently, Amsterdam is the party Capitol of the world, as well as having the most gay people here (cool!). So at night, the locals party HARD and during the day, they sleep or work, depending on his or her age. We went site seeing for a bit of the COLD morning. I was clad in shorts and a tee. I couldn’t handle the breezy chill, so I purchased an Amsterdam hoody. We walked around some more until we arrived at a cafe, Studio 2. Since the omelette came highly recommended, I ordered one with ham, cheese, and mushrooms coupled with a cup of tea. Talk about a party on my palate! The food was soooo good! When we finished breakfast, we did some more site seeing. Now, mind you — we still have not made it to the hotel yet!  Eek! Eventually, the tour guide let us free. Me and the girls took pictures until we were bored. They were interested in going to the Anne Frank Museum and I was more interested in the Heineken. Experience. After they walked me to the Heineken factory, I gave them directions to Anne Frank’s Huis and they left. The Heineken Experience was pretty cool!!!!!
I don’t even LIKE beer and I enjoyed it. Not only did I watch beer get made, but I got certified as a “Pourmaster.”  If only I had a mantle over the fireplace to frame my certificate and hang….*looks off in the distance*. In addition, the director also picked on me because I told him that I don’t like beer. He gave me tips on how to drink it correctly (big, instead of small sips) to have a more pleasurable beer drinking experience.  The tips really worked, but beer still isn’t my first preference. Give me wine or a cider first! But I digress… I also made a music video and became a DJ! Lol. I enjoyed myself in that place. I picked up some gifts for my people and left. Using my cool app, I walked to Anne Frank’s Huis. Omg, looooongest waaaaalk everrrrrrrrrr. Rather than trying myself out, I slowed my pace down and enjoyed the city. I inhaled the city… And caught a whiff of…. “Coffee.”  Lmao! I walked into some coffee shops asking questions and inquired about other things. Some owners are really mean and unhelpful to a nonsmoker like myself.  So I was kind of agitated and continued journey to Anne Frank’s Huis.
When I arrived at Anne Frank’s Huis, I connected to wifi and let the girls know that I was waiting outside.  The line for the exhibit was wrapped around the building, with an estimated wait time of 2-3 hours.  I sat next to a street jeweler and engaged him in conversation.  He was very nice. He talked to me about the city, referred me to different restaurants, and finally, he also told me about his travels and the women he encountered on them.  One of daughters and her mother live in Thailand and his other daughter and her mother live in England.  While we were there, several patrons came and inquired about the jewelry he was selling. He proceeded to speak in their language and just…FLIRT. OMG, his technique was so smooth. He was not attractive at all. In fact, he looked like a pauper.  However, his persistence and use of foreign languages worked in his favor. Next, he told me that he doesn’t even live off of his jewelry; that money is only used for traveling and meeting women.  His main occupation is painting either Buddha or naked women.  On average, he sells his paintings for $5000 each.  I also witnessed him protect other women. We saw a strung out pick pocketor looking for his next victim.  My newfound friend warned the women and as that happened, the pick pocketor walked off.  My buddy immediately flagged down the security guard and tried to hunt the man down.  Shortly, he sat right next to me and continued to tell me more stories.  I hung out with him for about an hour because I really did not want to leave my classmates. Nevertheless, it got closer and closer until our canal cruise, so I bid the man adieu and headed towards the cruise pickup point without the girls.
Tengo Hambre Dennamug!
On the way there, I picked up shoarma and frites.  It was SO delicious!!!!!!!!!!  They had curry ketchup that was amazing.  I finished my food just in time for the cruise.  Thankfully, the girls were there. We boarded the boat.  I got my favorite window seat and we took off.  I took pictures for maybe…10 minutes and once that wind hit my face, I immediately went to sleep.  zZZzzzZzZzz… An hour of sleep was simply bliss!!! Once you’ve seen one river, you’ve seen em all.  We went back to the hotel, charged up our phones, showered, and glammed up.
Red Light District
A few hours later, we went to the Red Light District.  The oldest church in Amsterdam was right across from scantily clad women in windows who were soliciting men for… a good time.  I walked around and took some footage (despite the “no camera” signs).  After a while, it got boring and I got hungry again and ate at Teddy’s.  I got the lamb shoarma and frites again…… man SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! I can’t say that enough. We all linked up with our other classmates, RC and JO.  We partied a little bit. I have to keep all of this very general because … like, I made a pact! Plus, I ended up getting upset with my honey, so I really didn’t have a good time because I was all in my feelings.  So, use your imagination here.
[Y O U R I M A G I N A T I O N I N P R O C E S S]  
We went back to the hotel and got ready for bed.  There were flying bugs everywhere.  Ew.  I even climbed to the top bunk (we were in a triple room:  one queen size bed for two people and one twin size bed for one) and saw dead bugs (moths) on there.  GROSS.  I was freaked out.  I was going to sleep on the desk, but the girls allowed me to share their bed. We woke up, got dressed, packed up, ate breakfast, and headed to Zaanse Schans.
Fancy Pants!! (Zaanse Schans)
Zaanse Schans is an old Dutch village in North Holland.  They make and wear clogs, as well as cheese.  The village also houses many, many windmills used to generate electricity. It was cute and quaint and informative learning about a different culture.  I watched clog making and cheese making demonstrations.  Interesting!!!!!  I purchased more gifts, tried the free cheeses,  and downed a bottle of wine.  We headed back to the hotel and picked up the others who didn’t go on the tour and headed to Bruges, Belgium.
Belgium waffles!!
I was drunk and slept the whole way to Belgium.  We took a tour of the city.  Cobblestone roads, brick buildings, chocolate confectioneries, and horse and carriage buggies filled the city.  It was so beautiful. The only down side is that there was no free wifi anywhere.  I was forced to put down my phone and enjoy the city.  I went to a restaurant with the tour group and ordered the local foods. It was really yummy.  Since my classmates ate somewhere else, I ended up making new acquaintances with girls from Brazil who were studying abroad in London also.  We finished and walked around and purchased more goodies and took pictures.  We said our goodbyes in the city and headed to Calais, France, where we had to go through the border patrol and get on the Eurotunnel to go back to London.  And………..that was IT!!!
So, here are the pictures:
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageurchsImageImageaaImageImageImagech ImageImageImageImagehImageeeImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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