Ne quid expectes amicos, quod tute agere possis.

Expect nothing from friends, do what you can do yourself.

Relaxing Day.

I slept in until about noon.  I studied for CCL.  I spoke to my friends.  I cried.  I regrouped.   I’m learning so much about myself on this trip.  I’m learning so much about others.  I’m skeptical about a lot of those in my life now.  I do not know how to expound on the subject matter, but I plan on making many changes in my life.  I started by reaching out to LS.  Here’s the history between LS and I:  We used to be on a forum together with R & J.  I’ve known her for almost 10 years, but never met her because she’s a resident of the UK and I’m a resident of the US.  Well, she invited me to All Star Lanes in Bayswater for her brother’s private birthday party.  I took the tube and headed over there.  I arrived before everyone else, so I waited patiently as my hay fever went wild.  She came down the stairs and gave me the biggest hug.


As time passed, more and more guests arrived, including her cousins R and J, godsister, A, and sister, S.  They were so cool and welcoming.  Even her uncle took to me  because he bought a drink for me.  Her uncle was in Benin for several months and he absolutely loved that it was my birthplace.  He spoke to me in our language and was tickled when I replied.  As the place got a bit more crowded, they cranked up the dancehall and house music in the private bowling area. The bowling area was in a room with two bowling lanes, a bar, and an L shaped couch.  After speaking to several of her family members, it was interesting to know that I was already following them on instagram.  (I’m an avid hashtag surfer and follow random strangers — creepy, I know).  I spoke to A and she told me that she graduated from the school I’m attending and she works near here now. She wants to go to lunch sometime next week.  I’m excited.  They changed the music to American Hip Hop and all eyes turned on me.  So I gave them a show…. We had a grand ole time!!


After it was all over, I said my goodbye’s and left.  I stopped by a few shops on my way home.

Bowling1 Bowling2 bowling3 bowling4 Bowling6 Bowling7 Bowling8 Bowling9 Bowling10


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