C’est dans le besoin qu’on reconnaît ses vrais amis.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


I woke up super late.  Cooking breakfast took like 3 hours because the stove takes forever to heat up. After a while, I resorted to cooking bacon and eggs in the microwave and toast in the oven.  Thereafter, I woke everyone up and offered my breakfast.


Me, JA, and CA went to the store to get a SIM card in order to unlock our phones.  I have an addiction to Instagram and without being able to post my pictures and gather likes and comments from my friends does a disservice to my ego (lol). So, I got an unlimited data plan with 150 minutes for £10.  Since CA hadn’t eaten, we stopped by a coffee shop called Zee Cafe.  He purchased some pasta, and JA and I purchased lattes.  They poo poo’d on Starbucks — IT WAS DELICIOUS.


We went back to the dorm room and saw AW.  She wanted to go to some Australian restaurant and meet up with some woman she met earlier in the week.  She invited me and some of our other classmates. I informed her that I’ll happily go, however, I must change my pants.  So, she said fine.  I went upstairs and changed.  I also configured my phone because Sprint required a back up/restore in order to complete the unlocking of the phone.  When I went out of the room, I heard AW whispering, “I don’t know if she wants to go.”  I open the door and said, “yes, I do want to go. I told you that downstairs.”  She looked really guilty.  I walked out of the door to get my things and when I returned, they left.  I headed down to the common area to search for them and there were no signs that they’d ever stopped there.  My feelings were hurt.  I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, but that’d only be the optimistic side of me talking. I felt so disrespected. If they didn’t want me to come, they shouldn’t have invited me.  I felt hurt and alone and the one person I wanted to talk to definitely wouldn’t feel my pain.  I’m nothing but a “sensitive nerd” to him.  After our discussion the day before, he believes it’s weak to show emotion.  So, it seems hard for him to understand some of the things I go through. We never see eye to eye in that respect.  I reached out to my friends back home, who all offered wonderful advice. I mean, they all said I need to suck it up, but they also provided alternatives like taking advantage of meeting new people on the Travel Tribe as well as linking up with my friends here.  They told a few jokes and refrained from chastising, judging, and scolding me.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I went back down to the common area from my room and talked to a few others.  They were wondering were JA, CA, and AW were because they were invited to the restaurant as well. I told them that they left.  They all shrugged it off.  I told them I was going to go to a restaurant.  CW wanted to join me.


We went to a pub called The Court. I ordered calamari and a Steak and Bombardier Ale Pie, which was served with mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks, and peas coupled with a Strongbow cider.  The pie and potatoes were a delight, but the rest of the food was under-seasoned.  While we were there, the boys from my school walked in and joined us.  We had a great conversation and they invited us to celebrate JO’s birthday.  He wanted to go to celebrate Gay Pride Weekend in Soho after dinner.  Afterwards, we headed back to the dorm to change and pre-game.  Oh, and one of my classmates, VN, is like super shy.  So, I gave the guys an entertaining show by flirting with him and making him blush. It was so funny. The guys got a kick out of the Eddie Winslow and Myrtle Urkel relationship.

London Gay Pride.

We took the tube to Soho Square and it looked like a mini Mardi Gras.  We tried to get into a club, but the bouncer turned us away.  He kept trying to tell JO it was a gay bar, in an effect to dissuade him.  What he didn’t know is that JO is gay!! SMH.  Then the bouncer said that the club doesn’t allow groups in.  We were like wtf. I got super mad and requested that we go to another place. So we walked around and saw all kind of interesting people in that area.  We found a local bar and we just turned up inside and outside of it.  We had a good time.  The bouncer was really friendly. He told me that one of his daughters is a solicitor and the other got a full ride soccer scholarship to a school in Texas.  I gave him my e-mail address and asked him to tell me the school she’s going to because if it’s far, I can look out for her.  He was so appreciative and let me go in and out of the bar as I pleased (because once the venue hit capacity, him and the other bouncer cut the public off from entering).  We continued to walk about the city and found these outside urinals.  It was hilarious.  CW and I kept taking pictures of the boys peeing. LMAO.  We left that mini-attraction and then tried to find a club.  No one wanted to pay a fee to get in, so me and CW tried to convince this bouncer to let us in for free.  He was notttttttt having it.  We tried everything short of anything illegal in the US, lol.  We were losing. After all of that negotiating, I started to get hungry!

Fourth meal.

Apparently, Chinatown holds all of the 24 hour eateries.  We went into this one place and the food was magically delicious!!!!! I had the house chow mien and crab sweet corn soup. OMG…. yumtastic!!! The itis started to kick in and my bed was calling me.  We had a difficult time trying to get home.  I started to ask strangers and they kept pointing us in one direction, but since everyone was drunk, they kept trying to follow the hot chicks in the other direction.  We ended up in Piccadilly Circus, which was a madhouse because that’s where all of the club goers are!  We eventually took the 88 bus to the dorm. I got in my bed and crashed.  See photos below:

image image_1 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_9 image_10 image_13 image_14



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