Hakuna Matata

No Worries.


Although we did not have class yesterday, I wanted to dedicate my time to doing classwork.  Everyone pretty much called me a nerd because they know i don’t have to put much effort in to get a satisfactory grade in these pass or fail courses.  I want to get a lot out of this experience, including an education, so I decided to ignore everyone and do my own thing. When I reached my stopping point, I got dressed, googled a restaurant and headed out on my voyage by myself.  I went to Trafalgar Square and ate at a restaurant called Nandos.  The place is known for it’s chicken.  It was not anything spectacular.  After I finished my meal, I took a walk and headed towards Big Ben.  Before I got there, I saw some Congolese protestors who were opposed to the election process; they felt it was rigged. I stopped and spoke to a bobby to ask him for more details. He basically said that because no one [who can make an impact] is around on the weekends, the group’s mission will likely fail.  I thanked him for his insight and continued along my journey.  Before reaching Big Ben, I saw this soldier come out of another historical building.  I stopped and took a picture of him and then with another gentleman.  I walked around the place and saw this pretty cool dragon that I took a picture with also.  There wasn’t much to see, so I turned around and headed towards Big Ben again.  Before I reached my destination, I saw this building that said culture, music, and sports.  My eyes lit up.  I asked the guard if the building was open to the public and he said no. He said that part was just recently added, but he building is closed to the public because it was a customs building.  He inquired about my American accent and then told me several places to go.  He gave me his email address and then told me to contact him if I would like more details.  How nice.  I finally made it to the Big Ben.  It was huge.  It even rang when I arrived.  COOL.

London Eye.

 I continued along my journey and saw the London Eye.  The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the Thames River.  There were some people taking pictures on the bridge, so I asked them to take my picture in return of taking their picture.   We exchanged out thank-you’s and went our separate ways.  I arrived at the ticket line for the London Eye and purchased tickets for it, as well as the Madame Tussauds exhibit.  Since it was getting late, I only experienced the London Eye.  First of all, the ride is like a capsule that goes really slowly. The motion sickness was kicking in.  The ride took about 30 minutes to go all the way around. I was in a capsule with about 20 other people.  So we’re all taking pictures of the city.  The bad part about that ride is that there is no tour guide to help us spot out different landmarks of the city.  The only thing I recognized was The Shard — Europe’s tallest building.  After I got off, I took the tube home and took a nap.


When I woke up, I went to the common area.  JO and AH invited me to dinner.  We went to a pizza parlor called Italiano Coffee Co (“Icco”).  Icco is a coffee shop and pizzaria offering authentic Italian style pizza’s, pastas and other delicacies in Goodge Street in London.  The food was good. The salad needed more dressing, but it was cool for £4.  After we ate, we went to the local market (Sainsbury’s) to pick up breakfast food.  We got to the dorm and I put the food away.

In the Common Area straight PLEXIN’.

I went back to the common area and saw CA, Sloth, JA, and AW.  They were having a deep discussion about Sloth’s past relationship. The girl seemed like she took advantage of him, but then he also came off as a sucker.  The conversation then turned into Teach for America. Eventually the conversation led to sex, gender roles, etc.  At times, we were getting a bit loud and the security guard came in to quiet us down because he was receiving noise complaints from the other residents.  While we were all enjoying our night in, the women from TheOtherSchool came in SUPER ROWDY.  I was trying to tell them to be quiet and all hell broke loose.

We got warned for being too loud in the common area. These uglazz fat bitches just got in from the club being loud. I’m like shhhh she’s like it’s a free country I’m like well it says be quiet and we have to abide by the rules. No I can’t read fat bitch said. She’s like I didn’t come here to stay but o get him in the room. I’m like ok bye. So she trying to get buck like I wasn’t talking to u. I’m like so I’m talking to u bitch, bye bye bye BYE FELICIA.  So the other bitches trying to gang up on me and then kick me out of their group (for class).  I said FUCK your group. Imma be my own group and take an A from y’all since we on pass/fail.  So the guy can in and kicked us out, So they’re holding the bitches back I’m like fuck that bitch!!! So they left and the white guy let us stay.  I was soooo angry – stupid ol bag of potatoes shaped gremlin bitches got me fucked up

Anywho, we resumed our conversation til about 5:00 AM and went to bed.  Here’s some pictures from earlier that day:

 Friday 002 Friday 003 Friday 004 Friday 005 Friday 006 Friday 007 Friday 008 Friday 009 Friday 010 Friday 011 Friday 012 Friday 013 Friday 014 Friday 015 Friday 018 Friday 019 Friday 020 Friday 021 Friday 022 Friday 023 Friday 024 Friday 025 Friday 026 Friday 027 Friday 028 Friday 029 Friday 030 Friday 031 Friday 033 Friday 034 Friday 035 Friday 036Friday 001


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