cogito ergo sum


I think, therefore I am.

Legally Blonde. 

I actually felt smart today in class.  FIRST of all, I’m in a class that’s filled with half my school and half TheOtherSchool students.  The TheOtherSchool students are gunners, i.e. individuals who constantly raise their hand just to hear the sound of their voice in an effort to sound profound and “smart.”  Once again, in ICL, I remained silent and followed along with the discussion.  After class, however, I e-mailed my former Criminal Law professor because he was a legal officer at the Hague.   I asked him a few questions because today’s class discussion about international criminals, including, but not limited to, Joseph Kony, was enlightening and thought-provoking.  I am still awaiting his response.

CCL, on the other hand, my peers were less interactive and that gave me an opportunity to speak.  Although I did not read for class, I did read a few canned briefs to prepare for the discussion.  My brief preparation was unnecessary because the professor moved far ahead of what was explicitly assigned on the syllabus.  He called on me and I eloquently delivered my opinion.  He was very impressed and complimented after class.  I apologized to him for showing up to class late (I technically was “present,” but i showed JA where the cafe bar was downstairs) and he thanked me for that.  Unfortunately, my late arrival was marked against me, so I cannot be late again in his class.  Nevertheless, I was thankful for today’s discussion because it motivated me to do well.  I was clearly able to verbalize the analysis for First Amendment Content Based/Neutral Regulations accurately.  Although we don’t have to read for tomorrow, I really want to get ahead. The information we’re learning in class is so intriguing to me!  


After class, we had a field trip at Paternoster’s Pub.  We learned more about London and two guest speakers discussed the UK Legal System and Extradition.  We ate fish and chips and drank ale, which was a delight.  We left and went to Primark.  It all went downhill from there.  Then, it got even worse…. from physical pain to mental pain.  Torture.  Irony. I’m going to bed.



Okay, so maybe I was being a little dramatic.  But, my experience at Primark SUCKED.  Primark (4 story clothing store) is like H&M on HGH except the prices are very inexpensive.  They have a limit of 8 clothes in the dressing room.  I didn’t know this until I got there.  The lady then said that I could not try coats/blazers (a majority of the items in my basket) on in the dressing room. So I take out the coats and put them in another shopping bag.  When I get back in the line, the dressing room attendant tells me to pick out 8 items.  I tell her just to take the ones off the top.  She says that I should pick them out.  UGH.  So, I had to get out of line again.  By this time, I did not realize that my dress was hiked up above no no spot.  So, I’ve already mooned the Brits accidentally.  Talk about embarrassing! Again, I pick out the clothes and tried them on when I arrived at the dressing room. Most of the clothes did not fit because I still don’t know my EU/UK sizes.  So I had to repeat this trying on of clothes 2 more times.  I am so hot and sweaty by this time.  There is make up all over my beautiful white dress.  This process was about 90 minutes. While trying on my last item, there was a message over the intercom announcing me to come down to customer service because JA was looking for me.  So, I’m rushing and rushing to put my clothes back on and headed down there to pay.

I arrived downstairs and could not find customer service.  CA approached me and helped me find the place.  I stood in the super long line, frazzled, sweaty, and discombobulated.  JA and AW were already in the front of the line.  JA paid and approached me to tell me that she needed to urinate badly.  I told her to just leave me behind because it would be unfair for her to wait for me.  She opted to stay and wait.  AW walked by me disappointed without her clothing because she left her debit card at the pub.   CA chose to walk with AW to the pug.  It just seemed like an all around bad day for everyone. JA and I left after I checked out and then we went home. I talked to TPK for a little bit and he said something to me that had me like 0.o.  My feelings were hurt and I went to sleep.  Here are some pictures from that day:

London 26-27 002 London 26-27 003 London 26-27 006 London 26-27 009 London 26-27 010 London 26-27 012 London 26-27 013



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