C’est facile de dormir quand vous êtes morts.

It’s easy to sleep when you’re dead.


I was so tired.  I couldn’t think right. I couldn’t pay attention in class. I couldn’t focus.  I was just dead tired.  In ICL, all of TheOtherSchool students appeared to be gunners, relieving me of any duty to participate, despite my anxious desire to do so.  I ate to stay awake.  When all of the food (a sandwich, fresh coconut and pineapple, and chips) was gone, I couldn’t help but feel sleepy.  ICL was over and Comparative Constitutional Law started.  We had a fake pop quiz. The professor asked us to name the five liberties in the first amendment. Subsequently, he asked us to list the five characters of the Simpson’s family.  Of course the television show had the highest results opposed to the Constitutional question.  He lectured and gave us a break.  I was knocked out during that break. JA woke me up. I remember dozing off again until she poke me.  The class was supposed to end at 12:20 PM, but the professor talked until approximately 12:45 PM. I was about to go crazy.  After we were released, we went to the Pharmacy because I felt like I was catching a cold, despite the fact that I’ve been drinking Emergen C since my arrival.  I purchased cold medicine and vitamin c.  I took both and went to SLEEP.  I was knocked out until JA woke me up for dinner.

Mike and Ike.

Before dinner, w stopped in the common area to use the wifi. We greeted the other students who were in there.  They asked us if we read for class and we said no.  I reciprocated the question and they said hell no. They did not participate in the program to do work, but to have a good time. In fact, they were headed to a reggae concert.  When I asked them who was performing, he told me Jimmy Cliff.  I never heard of the name before, but it piqued JA’s interest. One of the guys gave me the information to the concert and then they left.

Pubs and Candy Crush.


We went to a pub around the way.  We saw that our favorite “lost” poster was gone.   I was craving meat, so I ordered a half rack of ribs with shrimp, chips, and coleslaw (eww) with a hot tea.  When JA went to the bar to order her food, a gentleman next to me saw me playing Candy Crush.  He asked me if that was what I was playing.  I was shocked to know that he knew about the game.  He said he doesn’t play but his wife does. He asked me what level I was on. I told him 161.  He said, “WOW. My wife is only on level 26, but she isn’t that very bright.”  We chuckled a little bit.  He asked me to explain the game.  He wanted to know how the company was making so much money.  I entertained his enquiries until his dinner guest arrived and JA returned.  A few moments later, the food came.  The food, minus the coleslaw, was delicious.  We even received a frequent dining card so that we could get 15% on our orders.  YAY!

Signal di Plane.

21343_212814025534315_79802660_nDay 2 - Europe 015Day 2 - Europe 011 Day 2 - Europe 014 Day 2 - Europe 017

We arrived at the dorm and went upstairs to freshen up.  We tried to purchase the Jimmy Cliff tickets, but we were unsuccessful.  We decided to just take our chances and see if there were any tickets at the box office.    When we arrived at the tube station, we saw the guys from earlier.  We formally introduced ourselves again: Mike and Mark.  I knew I’d remember their names if I called them Mike and Ike, lol. We engaged in conversation until we needed to board the tube. It was SUPER packed and unfortunately, we got split from them. Thankfully, we can navigate around this city without any assistance.  We arrived at our stop and made our way to the venue. As we approached the box office, this scalper told us he’d sell the tickets to us for £30.  We declined because he looked super sketchy.  As I was walking away, I noticed he was negotiating with JA.  Eventually, he offered to sell the tickets to us for £20 each.  We ran to the ATM and got out cash and ran back to pay the man.  We entered the venue with no problems.  The concert was amazing. I recognized several songs.  This was the first time that I’ve actually paid attention to the lyrics at any concert.  This man is so well-informed and passionate about social issues. I was moved.  The crowd was also moved.  The encore was great!

Cashino: Ching-Ching.


When we left the concert, we passed by this building that said, “Cashino.”  We went in and I got change for my £10 note.  After winning and losing, I gave up a life of gambling after I permanently lost £2. We left and headed back to the tube where we find Mr. Austria.  I don’t know his name, but he was some hipster that sat next to me.  I initiated conversation with him and he said he was from Austria.  He looked at me strangely and said, “It’s okay, I’m strange too.”  I would have been offended, but it was funny.  He said he was only in town for two days because he was in search of a saxophone.  Strange!!!  He asked me what part of America I was from and proceeded to guess California.  I told him that I live in Texas. He said, “Eww.. That’s even worse!”  ha.ha.ha.  It was our stop.  We went our separate ways.

Well, it’s about 4:05AM and the sun is out. I’m going to try to get a few hours of rest before class.  Night!!



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