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Ne quid expectes amicos, quod tute agere possis.

Expect nothing from friends, do what you can do yourself.

Relaxing Day.

I slept in until about noon.  I studied for CCL.  I spoke to my friends.  I cried.  I regrouped.   I’m learning so much about myself on this trip.  I’m learning so much about others.  I’m skeptical about a lot of those in my life now.  I do not know how to expound on the subject matter, but I plan on making many changes in my life.  I started by reaching out to LS.  Here’s the history between LS and I:  We used to be on a forum together with R & J.  I’ve known her for almost 10 years, but never met her because she’s a resident of the UK and I’m a resident of the US.  Well, she invited me to All Star Lanes in Bayswater for her brother’s private birthday party.  I took the tube and headed over there.  I arrived before everyone else, so I waited patiently as my hay fever went wild.  She came down the stairs and gave me the biggest hug.


As time passed, more and more guests arrived, including her cousins R and J, godsister, A, and sister, S.  They were so cool and welcoming.  Even her uncle took to me  because he bought a drink for me.  Her uncle was in Benin for several months and he absolutely loved that it was my birthplace.  He spoke to me in our language and was tickled when I replied.  As the place got a bit more crowded, they cranked up the dancehall and house music in the private bowling area. The bowling area was in a room with two bowling lanes, a bar, and an L shaped couch.  After speaking to several of her family members, it was interesting to know that I was already following them on instagram.  (I’m an avid hashtag surfer and follow random strangers — creepy, I know).  I spoke to A and she told me that she graduated from the school I’m attending and she works near here now. She wants to go to lunch sometime next week.  I’m excited.  They changed the music to American Hip Hop and all eyes turned on me.  So I gave them a show…. We had a grand ole time!!


After it was all over, I said my goodbye’s and left.  I stopped by a few shops on my way home.

Bowling1 Bowling2 bowling3 bowling4 Bowling6 Bowling7 Bowling8 Bowling9 Bowling10


C’est dans le besoin qu’on reconnaît ses vrais amis.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


I woke up super late.  Cooking breakfast took like 3 hours because the stove takes forever to heat up. After a while, I resorted to cooking bacon and eggs in the microwave and toast in the oven.  Thereafter, I woke everyone up and offered my breakfast.


Me, JA, and CA went to the store to get a SIM card in order to unlock our phones.  I have an addiction to Instagram and without being able to post my pictures and gather likes and comments from my friends does a disservice to my ego (lol). So, I got an unlimited data plan with 150 minutes for £10.  Since CA hadn’t eaten, we stopped by a coffee shop called Zee Cafe.  He purchased some pasta, and JA and I purchased lattes.  They poo poo’d on Starbucks — IT WAS DELICIOUS.


We went back to the dorm room and saw AW.  She wanted to go to some Australian restaurant and meet up with some woman she met earlier in the week.  She invited me and some of our other classmates. I informed her that I’ll happily go, however, I must change my pants.  So, she said fine.  I went upstairs and changed.  I also configured my phone because Sprint required a back up/restore in order to complete the unlocking of the phone.  When I went out of the room, I heard AW whispering, “I don’t know if she wants to go.”  I open the door and said, “yes, I do want to go. I told you that downstairs.”  She looked really guilty.  I walked out of the door to get my things and when I returned, they left.  I headed down to the common area to search for them and there were no signs that they’d ever stopped there.  My feelings were hurt.  I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, but that’d only be the optimistic side of me talking. I felt so disrespected. If they didn’t want me to come, they shouldn’t have invited me.  I felt hurt and alone and the one person I wanted to talk to definitely wouldn’t feel my pain.  I’m nothing but a “sensitive nerd” to him.  After our discussion the day before, he believes it’s weak to show emotion.  So, it seems hard for him to understand some of the things I go through. We never see eye to eye in that respect.  I reached out to my friends back home, who all offered wonderful advice. I mean, they all said I need to suck it up, but they also provided alternatives like taking advantage of meeting new people on the Travel Tribe as well as linking up with my friends here.  They told a few jokes and refrained from chastising, judging, and scolding me.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I went back down to the common area from my room and talked to a few others.  They were wondering were JA, CA, and AW were because they were invited to the restaurant as well. I told them that they left.  They all shrugged it off.  I told them I was going to go to a restaurant.  CW wanted to join me.


We went to a pub called The Court. I ordered calamari and a Steak and Bombardier Ale Pie, which was served with mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks, and peas coupled with a Strongbow cider.  The pie and potatoes were a delight, but the rest of the food was under-seasoned.  While we were there, the boys from my school walked in and joined us.  We had a great conversation and they invited us to celebrate JO’s birthday.  He wanted to go to celebrate Gay Pride Weekend in Soho after dinner.  Afterwards, we headed back to the dorm to change and pre-game.  Oh, and one of my classmates, VN, is like super shy.  So, I gave the guys an entertaining show by flirting with him and making him blush. It was so funny. The guys got a kick out of the Eddie Winslow and Myrtle Urkel relationship.

London Gay Pride.

We took the tube to Soho Square and it looked like a mini Mardi Gras.  We tried to get into a club, but the bouncer turned us away.  He kept trying to tell JO it was a gay bar, in an effect to dissuade him.  What he didn’t know is that JO is gay!! SMH.  Then the bouncer said that the club doesn’t allow groups in.  We were like wtf. I got super mad and requested that we go to another place. So we walked around and saw all kind of interesting people in that area.  We found a local bar and we just turned up inside and outside of it.  We had a good time.  The bouncer was really friendly. He told me that one of his daughters is a solicitor and the other got a full ride soccer scholarship to a school in Texas.  I gave him my e-mail address and asked him to tell me the school she’s going to because if it’s far, I can look out for her.  He was so appreciative and let me go in and out of the bar as I pleased (because once the venue hit capacity, him and the other bouncer cut the public off from entering).  We continued to walk about the city and found these outside urinals.  It was hilarious.  CW and I kept taking pictures of the boys peeing. LMAO.  We left that mini-attraction and then tried to find a club.  No one wanted to pay a fee to get in, so me and CW tried to convince this bouncer to let us in for free.  He was notttttttt having it.  We tried everything short of anything illegal in the US, lol.  We were losing. After all of that negotiating, I started to get hungry!

Fourth meal.

Apparently, Chinatown holds all of the 24 hour eateries.  We went into this one place and the food was magically delicious!!!!! I had the house chow mien and crab sweet corn soup. OMG…. yumtastic!!! The itis started to kick in and my bed was calling me.  We had a difficult time trying to get home.  I started to ask strangers and they kept pointing us in one direction, but since everyone was drunk, they kept trying to follow the hot chicks in the other direction.  We ended up in Piccadilly Circus, which was a madhouse because that’s where all of the club goers are!  We eventually took the 88 bus to the dorm. I got in my bed and crashed.  See photos below:

image image_1 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_9 image_10 image_13 image_14


Hakuna Matata

No Worries.


Although we did not have class yesterday, I wanted to dedicate my time to doing classwork.  Everyone pretty much called me a nerd because they know i don’t have to put much effort in to get a satisfactory grade in these pass or fail courses.  I want to get a lot out of this experience, including an education, so I decided to ignore everyone and do my own thing. When I reached my stopping point, I got dressed, googled a restaurant and headed out on my voyage by myself.  I went to Trafalgar Square and ate at a restaurant called Nandos.  The place is known for it’s chicken.  It was not anything spectacular.  After I finished my meal, I took a walk and headed towards Big Ben.  Before I got there, I saw some Congolese protestors who were opposed to the election process; they felt it was rigged. I stopped and spoke to a bobby to ask him for more details. He basically said that because no one [who can make an impact] is around on the weekends, the group’s mission will likely fail.  I thanked him for his insight and continued along my journey.  Before reaching Big Ben, I saw this soldier come out of another historical building.  I stopped and took a picture of him and then with another gentleman.  I walked around the place and saw this pretty cool dragon that I took a picture with also.  There wasn’t much to see, so I turned around and headed towards Big Ben again.  Before I reached my destination, I saw this building that said culture, music, and sports.  My eyes lit up.  I asked the guard if the building was open to the public and he said no. He said that part was just recently added, but he building is closed to the public because it was a customs building.  He inquired about my American accent and then told me several places to go.  He gave me his email address and then told me to contact him if I would like more details.  How nice.  I finally made it to the Big Ben.  It was huge.  It even rang when I arrived.  COOL.

London Eye.

 I continued along my journey and saw the London Eye.  The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the Thames River.  There were some people taking pictures on the bridge, so I asked them to take my picture in return of taking their picture.   We exchanged out thank-you’s and went our separate ways.  I arrived at the ticket line for the London Eye and purchased tickets for it, as well as the Madame Tussauds exhibit.  Since it was getting late, I only experienced the London Eye.  First of all, the ride is like a capsule that goes really slowly. The motion sickness was kicking in.  The ride took about 30 minutes to go all the way around. I was in a capsule with about 20 other people.  So we’re all taking pictures of the city.  The bad part about that ride is that there is no tour guide to help us spot out different landmarks of the city.  The only thing I recognized was The Shard — Europe’s tallest building.  After I got off, I took the tube home and took a nap.


When I woke up, I went to the common area.  JO and AH invited me to dinner.  We went to a pizza parlor called Italiano Coffee Co (“Icco”).  Icco is a coffee shop and pizzaria offering authentic Italian style pizza’s, pastas and other delicacies in Goodge Street in London.  The food was good. The salad needed more dressing, but it was cool for £4.  After we ate, we went to the local market (Sainsbury’s) to pick up breakfast food.  We got to the dorm and I put the food away.

In the Common Area straight PLEXIN’.

I went back to the common area and saw CA, Sloth, JA, and AW.  They were having a deep discussion about Sloth’s past relationship. The girl seemed like she took advantage of him, but then he also came off as a sucker.  The conversation then turned into Teach for America. Eventually the conversation led to sex, gender roles, etc.  At times, we were getting a bit loud and the security guard came in to quiet us down because he was receiving noise complaints from the other residents.  While we were all enjoying our night in, the women from TheOtherSchool came in SUPER ROWDY.  I was trying to tell them to be quiet and all hell broke loose.

We got warned for being too loud in the common area. These uglazz fat bitches just got in from the club being loud. I’m like shhhh she’s like it’s a free country I’m like well it says be quiet and we have to abide by the rules. No I can’t read fat bitch said. She’s like I didn’t come here to stay but o get him in the room. I’m like ok bye. So she trying to get buck like I wasn’t talking to u. I’m like so I’m talking to u bitch, bye bye bye BYE FELICIA.  So the other bitches trying to gang up on me and then kick me out of their group (for class).  I said FUCK your group. Imma be my own group and take an A from y’all since we on pass/fail.  So the guy can in and kicked us out, So they’re holding the bitches back I’m like fuck that bitch!!! So they left and the white guy let us stay.  I was soooo angry – stupid ol bag of potatoes shaped gremlin bitches got me fucked up

Anywho, we resumed our conversation til about 5:00 AM and went to bed.  Here’s some pictures from earlier that day:

 Friday 002 Friday 003 Friday 004 Friday 005 Friday 006 Friday 007 Friday 008 Friday 009 Friday 010 Friday 011 Friday 012 Friday 013 Friday 014 Friday 015 Friday 018 Friday 019 Friday 020 Friday 021 Friday 022 Friday 023 Friday 024 Friday 025 Friday 026 Friday 027 Friday 028 Friday 029 Friday 030 Friday 031 Friday 033 Friday 034 Friday 035 Friday 036Friday 001

Cette soirée est trop forte

This party kicks ass.

We went to The Social Hip Hop Karaoke on Thursday.  Talk about a good time.  I performed “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz as the second-to-last act.  I had that entire place turned UP. So, the owner had us do an encore performance to “Got One.”  Here’s the footage:

London 26-27 015 London 26-27 016 London 26-27 017 London 26-27 019 London 26-27 020 London 26-27 022 London 26-27 026 London 26-27 027 London 26-27 028 London 26-27 029 London 26-27 031 London 26-27 033

After the karaoke, the venue turned into a club.  All they played was American hip hop music.  It was a blast!! “We did it for the ratchets.”  We partied and shut that place down!  After it was all over, we found out that the tube closed at midnight.  We didn’t want to walk, so DG, CW, and I got a pedi-cab and he biked us all the way to the dorm.

cogito ergo sum


I think, therefore I am.

Legally Blonde. 

I actually felt smart today in class.  FIRST of all, I’m in a class that’s filled with half my school and half TheOtherSchool students.  The TheOtherSchool students are gunners, i.e. individuals who constantly raise their hand just to hear the sound of their voice in an effort to sound profound and “smart.”  Once again, in ICL, I remained silent and followed along with the discussion.  After class, however, I e-mailed my former Criminal Law professor because he was a legal officer at the Hague.   I asked him a few questions because today’s class discussion about international criminals, including, but not limited to, Joseph Kony, was enlightening and thought-provoking.  I am still awaiting his response.

CCL, on the other hand, my peers were less interactive and that gave me an opportunity to speak.  Although I did not read for class, I did read a few canned briefs to prepare for the discussion.  My brief preparation was unnecessary because the professor moved far ahead of what was explicitly assigned on the syllabus.  He called on me and I eloquently delivered my opinion.  He was very impressed and complimented after class.  I apologized to him for showing up to class late (I technically was “present,” but i showed JA where the cafe bar was downstairs) and he thanked me for that.  Unfortunately, my late arrival was marked against me, so I cannot be late again in his class.  Nevertheless, I was thankful for today’s discussion because it motivated me to do well.  I was clearly able to verbalize the analysis for First Amendment Content Based/Neutral Regulations accurately.  Although we don’t have to read for tomorrow, I really want to get ahead. The information we’re learning in class is so intriguing to me!  


After class, we had a field trip at Paternoster’s Pub.  We learned more about London and two guest speakers discussed the UK Legal System and Extradition.  We ate fish and chips and drank ale, which was a delight.  We left and went to Primark.  It all went downhill from there.  Then, it got even worse…. from physical pain to mental pain.  Torture.  Irony. I’m going to bed.



Okay, so maybe I was being a little dramatic.  But, my experience at Primark SUCKED.  Primark (4 story clothing store) is like H&M on HGH except the prices are very inexpensive.  They have a limit of 8 clothes in the dressing room.  I didn’t know this until I got there.  The lady then said that I could not try coats/blazers (a majority of the items in my basket) on in the dressing room. So I take out the coats and put them in another shopping bag.  When I get back in the line, the dressing room attendant tells me to pick out 8 items.  I tell her just to take the ones off the top.  She says that I should pick them out.  UGH.  So, I had to get out of line again.  By this time, I did not realize that my dress was hiked up above no no spot.  So, I’ve already mooned the Brits accidentally.  Talk about embarrassing! Again, I pick out the clothes and tried them on when I arrived at the dressing room. Most of the clothes did not fit because I still don’t know my EU/UK sizes.  So I had to repeat this trying on of clothes 2 more times.  I am so hot and sweaty by this time.  There is make up all over my beautiful white dress.  This process was about 90 minutes. While trying on my last item, there was a message over the intercom announcing me to come down to customer service because JA was looking for me.  So, I’m rushing and rushing to put my clothes back on and headed down there to pay.

I arrived downstairs and could not find customer service.  CA approached me and helped me find the place.  I stood in the super long line, frazzled, sweaty, and discombobulated.  JA and AW were already in the front of the line.  JA paid and approached me to tell me that she needed to urinate badly.  I told her to just leave me behind because it would be unfair for her to wait for me.  She opted to stay and wait.  AW walked by me disappointed without her clothing because she left her debit card at the pub.   CA chose to walk with AW to the pug.  It just seemed like an all around bad day for everyone. JA and I left after I checked out and then we went home. I talked to TPK for a little bit and he said something to me that had me like 0.o.  My feelings were hurt and I went to sleep.  Here are some pictures from that day:

London 26-27 002 London 26-27 003 London 26-27 006 London 26-27 009 London 26-27 010 London 26-27 012 London 26-27 013


C’est facile de dormir quand vous êtes morts.

It’s easy to sleep when you’re dead.


I was so tired.  I couldn’t think right. I couldn’t pay attention in class. I couldn’t focus.  I was just dead tired.  In ICL, all of TheOtherSchool students appeared to be gunners, relieving me of any duty to participate, despite my anxious desire to do so.  I ate to stay awake.  When all of the food (a sandwich, fresh coconut and pineapple, and chips) was gone, I couldn’t help but feel sleepy.  ICL was over and Comparative Constitutional Law started.  We had a fake pop quiz. The professor asked us to name the five liberties in the first amendment. Subsequently, he asked us to list the five characters of the Simpson’s family.  Of course the television show had the highest results opposed to the Constitutional question.  He lectured and gave us a break.  I was knocked out during that break. JA woke me up. I remember dozing off again until she poke me.  The class was supposed to end at 12:20 PM, but the professor talked until approximately 12:45 PM. I was about to go crazy.  After we were released, we went to the Pharmacy because I felt like I was catching a cold, despite the fact that I’ve been drinking Emergen C since my arrival.  I purchased cold medicine and vitamin c.  I took both and went to SLEEP.  I was knocked out until JA woke me up for dinner.

Mike and Ike.

Before dinner, w stopped in the common area to use the wifi. We greeted the other students who were in there.  They asked us if we read for class and we said no.  I reciprocated the question and they said hell no. They did not participate in the program to do work, but to have a good time. In fact, they were headed to a reggae concert.  When I asked them who was performing, he told me Jimmy Cliff.  I never heard of the name before, but it piqued JA’s interest. One of the guys gave me the information to the concert and then they left.

Pubs and Candy Crush.


We went to a pub around the way.  We saw that our favorite “lost” poster was gone.   I was craving meat, so I ordered a half rack of ribs with shrimp, chips, and coleslaw (eww) with a hot tea.  When JA went to the bar to order her food, a gentleman next to me saw me playing Candy Crush.  He asked me if that was what I was playing.  I was shocked to know that he knew about the game.  He said he doesn’t play but his wife does. He asked me what level I was on. I told him 161.  He said, “WOW. My wife is only on level 26, but she isn’t that very bright.”  We chuckled a little bit.  He asked me to explain the game.  He wanted to know how the company was making so much money.  I entertained his enquiries until his dinner guest arrived and JA returned.  A few moments later, the food came.  The food, minus the coleslaw, was delicious.  We even received a frequent dining card so that we could get 15% on our orders.  YAY!

Signal di Plane.

21343_212814025534315_79802660_nDay 2 - Europe 015Day 2 - Europe 011 Day 2 - Europe 014 Day 2 - Europe 017

We arrived at the dorm and went upstairs to freshen up.  We tried to purchase the Jimmy Cliff tickets, but we were unsuccessful.  We decided to just take our chances and see if there were any tickets at the box office.    When we arrived at the tube station, we saw the guys from earlier.  We formally introduced ourselves again: Mike and Mark.  I knew I’d remember their names if I called them Mike and Ike, lol. We engaged in conversation until we needed to board the tube. It was SUPER packed and unfortunately, we got split from them. Thankfully, we can navigate around this city without any assistance.  We arrived at our stop and made our way to the venue. As we approached the box office, this scalper told us he’d sell the tickets to us for £30.  We declined because he looked super sketchy.  As I was walking away, I noticed he was negotiating with JA.  Eventually, he offered to sell the tickets to us for £20 each.  We ran to the ATM and got out cash and ran back to pay the man.  We entered the venue with no problems.  The concert was amazing. I recognized several songs.  This was the first time that I’ve actually paid attention to the lyrics at any concert.  This man is so well-informed and passionate about social issues. I was moved.  The crowd was also moved.  The encore was great!

Cashino: Ching-Ching.


When we left the concert, we passed by this building that said, “Cashino.”  We went in and I got change for my £10 note.  After winning and losing, I gave up a life of gambling after I permanently lost £2. We left and headed back to the tube where we find Mr. Austria.  I don’t know his name, but he was some hipster that sat next to me.  I initiated conversation with him and he said he was from Austria.  He looked at me strangely and said, “It’s okay, I’m strange too.”  I would have been offended, but it was funny.  He said he was only in town for two days because he was in search of a saxophone.  Strange!!!  He asked me what part of America I was from and proceeded to guess California.  I told him that I live in Texas. He said, “Eww.. That’s even worse!”  ha.ha.ha.  It was our stop.  We went our separate ways.

Well, it’s about 4:05AM and the sun is out. I’m going to try to get a few hours of rest before class.  Night!!


Carpe Diem


Seize the day.

The enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.



My first day at the uni was pretty cool.  I’m enrolled in International Criminal Law (“ICL”) and Comparative Constitutional Law (“CCL”).  ICL appears to be very easy.  There is no final exam in this class.  I am only require to complete two group presentations and two 3-page papers on a subject related to ICL.  CCL, on the other hand, appears to be a bit more challenging.  Although we do not have any busy work, aside from assigned readings and briefs, we do have a final exam at the end of the study abroad program.  The first day consisted of the typical explanation of the syllabi and the schedule going forward.  We were even let out of class early.

The Boys.  


My first adventure started off with taking a picture with the sexy, young chap posted who happened to be on my campus.  I think we look good together, don’t ya think?  Thereafter, we went to Ryman’s bookstore to pick up a book for my classmate.  The cashier helped a man in front of us.  The cashier gave the man a card to receive stamps for the purchases he made.  The man turned around and gave it to us. He said he was visiting the city from London and did not need it because he was returning to Namibia.  We thanked him for his generosity.  My classmate proceeded to pay for her purchase. The cashier was so interested in us being from America.  He praised our dear country and even gave us an extra stamp in order to redeem a  £10 gift card.  We thanked him for his kindness as well.  He mimicked my accent and said, “Bye Y’ALL!!”  I laughed for 10 minutes straight and departed from the bookstore.  Subsequently, we headed to a West African and West Indian restaurant nearby.

Comida y Política.


African Kitchen GalleryImageJerk Chicken with rice and peas.
ImageAckee and salt fish with rice and peas.Image

The restaurant.

We sat down and ordered.  The food was delicious.  I was shocked to know that in Africa, they refer to peas as beans.  The taste was slightly different, but it was still good.  The restaurant owner started talking to us about America.  He was fairly informed. It made me feel a bit inadequate to know that individuals from other parts of the world are so educated about the current American politics, yet, I know nothing about their current events.  The restaurant owner said he loves President Obama, but Bush and Reagan are “fucking idiots.” He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the health insurance issue. He wishes that America  had access to free healthcare like the UK.  This entire conversation inspired me to do better to become better informed about international politics, but I digress.  After the meal and wonderful conversation, we paid for our food.  The restaurant owner gave us this dessert for free (#winning). It was coconut mixed with tangerine and other stuff rolled into a ball.  You dip the ball in cocoa dust.  It was good, but it triggered a mini allergic reaction.  I encouraged JA to eat the remaining desserts and we left.  We headed to the room and took a nap.  When we woke up, I really wanted to go see the Queen and the guards, so we headed to Trafalgar Square by the tube.

Adventure Time.


Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square


Admiralty Arch
ImageBuckingham Palace


The Queen’s Guard for TPK.


The Queen’s Guard — I’m not touching you!!!

When we got of the tube, we faced the area called Trafalgar Square.  I started taking pictures of everything!  I saw that many people were taking advantage of photo ops in front one of the four gigantic lions.  You had to climb this high monument in order to take a picture on it.  I tried to get on top of it three times, but failed miserably.  The reason for the failure solely was because of my fear of heights.  I knew I could get up, but did not know how to get down.  Eventually, JA convinced me to get up.  So, I did and i’m proud! Getting down was the issue.  We had to flag a stranger down to help me get down.  He was really nice.  JA got up there with ease and I took her picture and we headed in the direction of the Admiralty Arch.  The Admiralty Arch was a building at the entrance of the Mall Galleries.  The building was so captivating.  We walked for about 10 minutes down Mall Galleries and spied a soldier.  I almost killed myself, yet again, because I was going to jaywalk in order to get access to it.  JA convinced me not to do so because she was sure there would be more guards at the palace.  When we arrived across the street from Buckingham Palace, we were highly disappointed. The Palace is gated and you can’t even get close. We say tourists taking pictures through the gate.  Now, that was WACK.

We retreated and crossed the street adjacent to our location so we could find the guards we saw earlier.  When we arrive at the guards, we faced another obstacle — the bobbies (“police officers”).  The bobbies told me that I could not pass the barrier and could only take a picture with the guard in front of that barrier.  Talk about being devastated. I was so close to fulfilling a bucket list experience and could not do it.  One of the bobbies sensed my disappointment and advised me to go around the corner.  Hesitantly, I walked away with tears in my ducts, ready to let the waterworks flow.  I knew he just wanted me to go away.  I looked in the distance and did not see any guards on the corner.  After taking a few steps, I returned back to the bobby for clarification.  He said, “Just go around the corner and there is a guard there. …AND BE NICE TO HIM!!!”  Whatever.

JA urged me to follow his orders.  So we did as he said and went to the corner.  No one was there.  So we walked down that street.  No one was there, so when we turned, we walked a few more steps and there were two guards there, barricade-free.  I started squealing and jumping up and down. I was SO happy!!!! I introduced myself to him with hopes that he’d speak.  He didn’t! However, I also asked, “If it’s okay for me to take a picture with you, say nothing.”  He said nothing, so I went to town!! Since TPK told me he doesn’t want any keepsakes, I decided to pay homage to him by posing as he would in front of the guards.  We took about 15 pictures in an effort to get it down right!!! JA told me that the guard was trying SO hard not to laugh at me.  Tourists walked by cracking up.  I didn’t care because I was HAPPY! I skipped my happy ass away.



We headed back to Trafalgar Square so that I could exchange some currency.  We found a change station which was located inside of a gift store.  I purchased gifts for my loved ones back home and then exchanged currency.  We then saw a group of girls with Primark and H&M bags.  We asked for directions to those stores and ended up in Soho.  Before we could reach H&M, we started walking down the street until we saw many bubbles floating everywhere. We identified that the bubbles were coming from a four-story toy store called Hamley’s.  We went in there and it immediately brought me back to my childhood.  Everything you could imagine was in there.  We spent about 45 minutes in that store having a blast.  I found a toy for Applesauce Bawse and we left.  We finally found H&M and spent some more time in there.  The store had a lot of cool stuff, but I couldn’t fit it and we left again.  It was getting late and we were STARVING, so we went to the tube station and headed home.  We didn’t realize that we damn near walked home because we were only one stop away.  I showered, read and briefed for class, ate my left overs, and knocked out. Great day, indeed.